You’ve always known that maintaining the non-medical systems in your facility – from air quality to power backup to communications – is critical. Now The Joint Commission agrees… and will hold you to it.


Facilities Maintenance Database

As of January 2019, The Joint Commission (TJC) expects your hospital healthcare facility management (HFM) department to demonstrate they are strictly adhering to manufacturers’ preventive maintenance recommendations (or your alternative equipment maintenance (AEM) program) for non-medical equipment maintenance and repair.

It’s more important than ever that members of your HFM team have quick access to the volumes of manufacturer manuals and guidance documents for these non-medical systems. Easy access to the material is critical – not only to promote effective maintenance, but to demonstrate this systemic competence to TJC.

Just as we’ve supported your BMETs by providing online access to the latest manufacturer documentation for biomedical equipment, we have a cost-effective solution to help your HFMs meet this similar and equally critical TJC mandate regarding non-medical system maintenance and care.

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