Manufacturer's Advantage Program

The oneSOURCE Advantage for Healthcare Device and Equipment Manufacturers

No doubt you’re very diligent about putting updated IFUs, preventive maintenance manuals, and MSDS/SDS documents in the hands of Biomed, HTM, Infection Prevention and other healthcare techs. The FDA requires it. Techs count on it. Patient health and safety depend on it. Now you can be even more confident your critical information is getting to the people who need it most. More than 80% of the acute care facilities in the U.S. use one of our ISO 9001:2015-registered databases. Your customers probably are already looking for your IFUs, PM manuals and MSDSs/SDSs on oneSOURCE. We’re partnering with companies like 3M, Integra, KARL STORZ, Richard Wolf, Intuitive, Key Surgical and many others.

We hope you’ll join us in this effort. There’s no cost to participate in the oneSOURCE Manufacturers Advantage Program. When you release or update one of your documents, it will immediately reach more than 80,000 oneSOURCE users worldwide.

  • You can review and see your documents though your own secure portal
  • Your proprietary documents will remain proprietary
  • You’ll collect marketing and product development insights through your customers’ interaction with the site

Additionally, we’d be happy to explore how our database services can be a platform to promote new features of your products or your CE/educational seminars and generally support your branded outreach. For more information about the oneSOURCE Manufacturers Advantage Program, please fill out the form below or call 800.701.3560. To arrange to talk with our team about the oneSOURCE Advantage Program, please fill out this form:


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