When you’re with oneSOURCE, you’re with an extension of your own brand.


Think of it this way. Do you want to burden your own customer service team with hundreds of requests for IFUs and service manuals? Do you want your repeat customers having trouble finding the latest documentation?

Or do you want to have one glorious oasis of information available for them 24/7? Somewhere they can go, knowing they’ll get instant gratification. That’s the oneSOURCE advantage. By partnering with oneSOURCE, you instantly improve customer satisfaction, reduce workload and save lives.

Who is part of the oneSOURCE family? Who isn’t?

This isn’t bragging. We’re not in this for ego. This is about patient safety and the availability of vital information. The more manufacturers we have in our library (thousands and counting), the more likely hospitals and surgical centers will come to us for the documents they need.

That’s why we’re the world’s leading document resource for IFUs and PM Service Manuals, and why so many manufacturers reach out to us proactively. We’re not a library. We’re THE library.

Our Advantage Program

The Manufacturers Advantage Program

How do we partner with medical device, instrument and equipment manufacturers?

If you’re a healthcare product manufacturer, we want to work with you to support our shared healthcare facility customers – to minimize their healthcare-acquired infection rates and support their accreditation programs.

When you authorize us to include your IFUs, Service Manuals, SDS/MSDS material and other instructional documents on the oneSOURCE libraries, thousands of medical technicians around the globe have access to your most current product servicing and maintenance guidelines.

With all these materials in one central online location, imagine how much time your customers will save accessing these documents, not to mention the time saved by your own Customer Service Team fielding document requests.

You’ll maintain control of your documents even though they’re on our library. You’ll have your own private upload area, and through your password-protected portal you’ll be able to see the documents exactly as your customers see them and verify their authenticity.

As you can imagine, customer interactions with our document libraries generate a lot of data. Data about your customers and how they’re using your information. Data that can inform your marketing, sales, risk prevention, product development and document development efforts.
Under the Manufacturers Advantage Program, you’ll have access to the following intelligence and more:

Document usage frequency

User questions about the documents and the equipment

Other metric reports from Google Analytics regarding customer interaction with your IFU, PM and SDS/MSDS documents

Additionally, we’d be happy to explore how we can work with you to promote new features of your products, your CE/educational seminars and other branded outreach through our library. Your information will go directly to the thousands of technicians using our library and your products.

Manufacturer Partners

We couldn’t offer our ISO 9001:2015-registered library services without the cooperation and support of thousands of manufacturer partners.

If you’re a medical device or equipment manufacturer, you too can participate in this basic program at no cost.


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