Surgical & Equipment Database | Dental Sterilization Protocol | Osha Guidelines for Sterilizing Dental Instruments


oneSOURCE gives your entire facility access to the world’s most complete online database service of manufacturers’ IFUs. Perhaps the most important thing to understand about our database is that it contains only information provided by the manufacturers themselves. Over 900 manufacturers rely on oneSOURCE to update a growing number of healthcare facilities worldwide with their most current IFUs.

Completely online and continuously updated, oneSOURCE also saves you time, space and money. No more bulky storage cabinets. No more costly staff-hours filing and updating IFUs. oneSOURCE is affordable and easily pays for itself.

Our Surgical Instruments Database provides IFUs for reusabledental and medical  surgical instruments and devices within the sterile field. It also ensures that technicians have quick and easy access to the most up-to-date cleaning, decontaminating and sterilizing instructions.

Our Equipment Database rounds out compliance with AAMI Standards and CMS, Joint Commission and AAAHC accreditation requirements. Our Equipment Database includes manufacturers’ Instruction for Use documents for equipment that is wiped down including compression sleeves, pumps, beds, monitors, sterilizers, thermometers, washers, and much more.