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Everything all in one place

oneSOURCE’s suite of healthcare manufacturers’ document databases contain nearly every thousands of Instructions for Use (IFU), Safety Data Sheets (SDS/MSDS) and Preventive Maintenance (PM) manuals your infection prevention and clinical engineering teams need. No more dealing with disorganized, outdated, printed documents. No more contacting manufacturers. With oneSOURCE, these documents are readily available in every room with a computer to help with your next survey.

Easy to use

We maintain separate databases designed for surgical teams, biomedical engineers, dental practices, long-term care facilities and facilities maintenance teams. Each one is extremely user-friendly. Documents are searchable by catalog or model number and through a manufacturer drop-down menu. And you can develop your own list of frequently used documents for even faster access.

Improve compliance

With oneSOURCE, you can be certain your healthcare teams are complying with directives from the CMS, The Joint Commission (TJC) and AAAHC that require easy onsite access to manufacturers’ instructions and compliance with the instructions.

Improve safety

The manufacturers of medical instruments, devices, equipment, tissues and implantables understand the characteristics of their products better than anyone else. Their documents contain the best information about cleaning, disinfecting, sterilizing and maintaining these items. With oneSOURCE, you’ll have these documents at the ready. Don’t leave the health and safety of your facility to guesswork!

Verifying Documents are Current

The oneSOURCE Database Teams continually augment and update these searchable databases. Your team will have 24/7 access to the latest technical guidance to help protect your patients and staff and maintain regulatory compliance.

Trusted by Thousands

Since 2009, oneSOURCE has been changing the face of patient safety with the most complete databases of validated healthcare manufacturer documents on the planet. Join our tens of thousands of satisfied customers around the globe –hospitals, long-term care facilities, surgery centers, dental practices and more. Your one and only source is oneSOURCE.

The Long-Term Care Database for Infection Prevention


Before oneSOURCE, there was no “one source” for nearly every healthcare equipment manufacturer document in existence. Instead, sterile processing teams, technicians and clinical engineers had to look up printed documents that were often outdated. Too often they had to use their best guess.

This was time consuming, and more importantly, too great a risk to patient safety. Enter oneSOURCE, the world’s best document resource for healthcare related facilities. When you’re with oneSOURCE, you’re in the safest possible hands!

oneSOURCE offers the most comprehensive collection of healthcare manufacturers’ documents. Learn more about our database services by contacting us below.

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Then we’ll onboard your team so your new database access can be put to immediate and good use. We guarantee you’ll be saving time, money, and stress within three months.

Within the first month of implementing the oneSOURCE Dental Database in our network of dental offices, we began to see big changes for the better! We can't explain the time savings, increase in sterilization processes, OSHA compliance, and overall, the new feeling of security and well-being for our patients.

John Travedler | Colorado Family Dental

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