The Document Database to Address Post-COVID-19 Sterilization and Safety Best Practices for Dental Offices

Your dental practice is back in business after the COVID-19 shutdown, and no doubt you’ve upgraded your operating procedures to try to keep your patients and staff safe from this deadly virus. These aren’t temporary procedures – your team will need to follow them from now on.

Add rigor and certainty to your new safety protocols by subscribing to the oneSOURCE Dental Database containing two important sets of manufacturers’ documents:

  1. Instructions for Use (IFUs), with detailed information on how to clean and sterilize dental instruments, consumables and equipment
  2. Safety data sheets (SDSs) for the chemicals used and stored in a dental practice

These manufacturers’ documents are the authoritative source for dental office safety instructions. That’s why the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other regulatory and accreditation bodies insist that your people have them on hand at all times and refer to them in the course of their work in order to minimize healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs).

COVID-19 will be here for a long time, if not forever. To read more about this new normal, please use the form below to request our new White Paper, Managing Information to Protect Dental Patients and Staff in the COVID-19 Era.

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